ICF - Instituto de Ciências Farmacêuticas
Commercial Support: +55 62 3240 1919

ICF's activities are performed in two different facilities: Clinical / Administrative & Analytical / Statistical.


ICF´s Clinical and Administrative facility is located in an area with more than 2,000 m2 designated for recruitment, clinical care and hospitalization of volunteers; administrative activities and commercial operations. There are medical offices, 56 beds, a pharmacy, drug randomization room with laminar flow and analytical scale, first aid room, laboratory for separation of biological samples, exclusive area for extra collections, 24 hours ICU mobile service, auditorium and the Clinical and Commercial boards.

The in vitro and in vivo laboratories, projects and statistical departments, and ICF´s institutional and technical directors are located and operate in the analytical and statistical facility. Today, ICF has a 1,300 m² area with modern analytical equipment.


Both facilities operate continuously secured by electric generators and by local IT and Quality Assurance departments (responsible for the implementation of procedures and training, independent monitoring of all studies and tests carried out by ICF, execution of internal audits and for suppliers, according to the good clinical requirements and laboratory practice and regulations). Files with smoke detectors and access control to ensure security in the storage of medicines, samples and documents.


Main equipment and systems:

API •API 3200 • API 5000 • API 5500 •API 3200 Q-TRAP • Shaker flask • Automation of studies on cutaneous permeation • Analytical and microanalytical balances • Laminar flow cabinets • Stability Chambers •Stability Chambers • Franz cells (permeability) • Rotary compressor • Chromatography polymers • DSC• DLS • Disintegrator • USP dissolution Apparatus I, II, III and IV • Durometer •  UV / Vis spectrophotometers, FTIR• Friabilometer • spectrofluorometer • Mass spectrometers • Infrared Spectroscope  (FTIR) • Liposome Extruder (Lipex) • Extruder and spheronizer for development of pallets • Freezers -20 ° C and - 70 ° C • GTB (angle of repose) • High shear granulator • HPLC with fluorescence detectors • HPLC with UV, FLD and DAD detectors • HPLC with V/Vis Photodiode Array • high pressure homogenizer (Panda) • Karl Fisher • fluidized bed • lyophilizer • microfluidizer • microscope • scanning electron microscope with incident and oblique illumination • mini incubator • V Mixers • planetary mixer •Nano sigth •osmometer •Rotaevaporator • Rheolaser • Light Sight software ® for degradation studies • Spray-drier • Sputter Leica EM (gold plating) • TG • Thurbiscan •UHPLC • Viscometer • Zeta Plus • Zeta sizer