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Pharmaceutical equivalence

Full and partial validation of dissolution.

Partial and total validation of related substances, content uniformity - included forced Degradation test in addition to  specificity (samples under acid, alkaline, oxidative, thermal and photolytic stress conditions).


Comparative dissolution profile


Biowaiver | RDC 37/2011
Solubility and dissolution profiles in three valid media.


Dissolution Development| RDC 31/2010
Solubility - quantitative assessment of the active substance in the physiological pH range.
Definition of the most appropriate parameters to the active substance of the dosage form in the study - the dissolution  medium, apparatus, rotation, surfactant need (when applicable), the need to anchor (when applicable), filtration and  deaeration.


Development of analytical methods for content and dissolution quantification


Development of analytical methods for cosmetic products


Osmolarity Test


Quality control of medicines and cosmetics

Main Equipment:

Shaker flask • Dissolutors apparatus I, II, III and IV • Analytical balance and microanalytical •  Viscometer HPLC with UV detectors, FLD and DJD - UHPLC • Disintegrator • Osmometer • Microscope with Incident illumination and oblique durometer • Spectrophotometers UV / Vis, FTIR • Friabilometers