ICF - Instituto de Ciências Farmacêuticas
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Analytical techniques for assessing the quality of the formulation. Research and characterization of physico-chemical parameters of the formulation, excipients and the drug. Stability study and interactions between the formula components. Polymorphism and residual impurities analysis. Research of degradation products. Analysis of the particle size distribution.


Study of solubility in aqueous and organic media


Excipient compatibility study


Determination of the partition coefficient


Intrinsic Dissolution


Thermal analysis DSC / TG and humidity


Study of the primary packaging and stability


Photostability study


Characterization of particle size and distribution


Preliminary assessment of the suspensions and emulsions stability


Permeation study and percutaneous release


Physical stability of the formulation


Polymers analysis


Main equipment:

HPLC with UV, FLD and DAD detectors • Spectroscope  (FTIR) • Stability Chamber • TG • DSC • Scanning electron microscope • Sputter Leica EM (gold plating) • DLS • Karl Fisher • Zeta sizer • Nano Sight® • Rheolaser • Zeta Plus • Thurbiscan • Chromatography of polymer • Mini incubator • Rotaevaporator • GTB (angle of repose)