ICF - Instituto de Ciências Farmacêuticas
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Management of research and development projects suitable to the modus operandi of the customers. Flexibility and efficacy in the technology transfer process, in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices. Expertise in pharmaceutical technology with a wide variety of excipients, drugs and innovative pharmaceutical forms. Optimization in the drug performance  with improved release on pharmacokinetic profile. Nanotechnology vector with transport of the drug directed to the receptor, and for dermal, ocular, pulmonary and central nervous system application.

Solid dosage form development
Gelatin Capsules
Immediate release tablets
Orodispersible tablets
Chewable tablets
Controlled release tablets
Development of liquid and semi-solid forms
Nanostructured systems (liposomes, nanocapsules, microemulsion, etc)
Microfluidization  and high pressure homogenizer
Liposomes extrusion


Main Equipment:

Extruder and spheronizer for developing pallets • Fluidized bed • V-mixers • Microfluidizer • High shear granulator • Spray-drier • Planetary mixer • Rotary compressor • USP dissolution Apparatus I, II, III and IV • UV / Vis spectrophotometers, FTIR • HPLC with V/Vis Photodiode Array • HPLC with fluorescence detectors • Spectrofluorometer • Infrared Spectroscope  (FTIR) • Automation of studies on cutaneous permeation • Scanning electron microscope • Laminar flow cabinets • Zeta sizer • Rheolaser • Zeta Plus • high pressure homogenizer (Panda) • Nano Sight® • Turbiscan • Liposome Extruder (Lipex) • Lyophilizer