ICF - Instituto de Ciências Farmacêuticas
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Promptness, analytical precision, toxicological supervision and specialized support in animal health products.

Quality control in raw material and finished products
Physical tests – aspect, medium weight, humidity and disintegration.

Physical-chemical tests – assay, uniformity and dissolution.

Total and partial validation of dissolution analytical methodologies.

Total and partial validation of related substances, assay, uniformity – including forced degradation studies in addition to the  specificity test (samples under acidic, alkaline, oxidative, thermal and photolytic stress conditions).

Analytical methodologies development for assay and dissolution quantification.


Special studies 
ICF counts on a high end technology structure and with an specialized team of professionals for performing studies with specific analytical requirements.

Main equipment:

Analytical and microanalytical scales • Disintegrator • Dissolutors with USP apparatus I and II • HPLC with UV, FLD and DAD detectors • Durometer • UV/Vis spectrophotometer, FTIR • Friabilimeter • Microscope with episcopic and oblique illumination • Osmometer • uHPLC • Viscosimeter