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Permeability study and particle count test| RDC 48/2009
Membranes impregnated with physiologically mimicked characteristics.

Stability indicative HPLC-DAD method
Quantitative development with forced degradation for evaluation of impurities in the drug.

Dissolution Profile
USP Apparatus I, II, III and IV (open and closed).

Characterization of impurities 
Characterization and identification of impurities and degradation products by using the HPLC-DAD and mass spectrometers with Light Sight ® software.

Main Equipment:

Franz cells (permeability) • Dissolutors apparatus I, II, III and IV • UV / Vis and FTIR  Spectrophotometers • HPLC with UV, FLD and DAD detectors • Mass spectrometers • Light Sight Software®